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About Dss


DSS is the leader in designing and building eco-friendly, affordable, and customizable container designs.

As a business based in Ontario, we see firsthand how the cost of housing has skyrocketed out of control for families and municipalities alike. We also work directly with Indigenous communities who are faced with aging, post-war housing that poses health hazards and limits people’s quality of life. We also speak to farmers and cannabis business owners who describe to us firsthand the costs and risks of traditional farming. 

We know these are very real challenges–and we’re passionate about working with you to resolve them with turnkey, eco-friendly container designs.


Thinking INSIDE the Box

After decades of experience in construction, the DSS team was driving through South Etobicoke where we saw stacks of rusting containers near the lake. The steel structures were wasting away in the middle of a precious ecosystem. 

Knowing all the potential of containers to have a second life as another structure, from a home to a grow box, it struck a chord with us: it was a shame to see these containers–just a few among the 11 million that sit unused around the world–deteriorating, seeping rust into the soil. All while municipalities struggle to provide housing to refugees, low-income families, and people experiencing homelessness, and many aging homes on Indigenous reserves are deteriorating faster than they can be replaced, despite community efforts to improve things. 

It simply wasn’t right.

Ever ready to try something new and already passionate about building eco-friendly and affordable homes, this sight was the push our team needed to transition from our trusted construction business of over 40 years, DSS Design Group, to DSS Container Designs.

The mission of DSS Container Designs is to revolutionize how people build and expand homes, communities, and businesses with affordable and eco-friendly container designs. As a team, we’re doing our part to create a better world for future generations, where housing is affordable and comfortable for all, and our planet is a healthier, cleaner place to live.

Explore our Containers page to discover how you can improve your community, your home, and your business by giving new life to a container–strong enough to brave the seas for generations, and the perfect canvas to build anything you can imagine with durability, speed, and character.

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The three core values of DSS Container Designs are Integrity, Leadership, and Expertise.

We’ve built our reputation as experts in estimation and planning, project management, and pre-construction and post-construction services. Our in-depth knowledge of the entire design and build process allows us to take full leadership of your project to deliver your turnkey container at the fairest price and in a reasonable timeframe.

We maintain integrity on a daily basis by hiring highly skilled employees and only working with a select team of subcontractors who are committed to producing quality results. Each team member shares our belief in maintaining open, honest, and direct communication with our clients.


At DSS Container Designs, we’re committed to working with Indigenous communities in their efforts to build rapid, affordable housing that’s comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain.


We’re a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), and we’re certified by the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC).



We’ve operated a largely referral-based business for over 40 years. Take a look at the brands who’ve trusted our team to deliver on-time and on-budget design and construction projects.


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